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Laser Tag and Nerf Battle Arenas

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Tactical Action Gaming

Mission-Based Tactical Laser Tag and Nerf Battle Arenas

Tactical Action Gaming (TAG) is Fargo’s first indoor Nerf sports and tactical laser tag arenas. We’ve got advanced facilitated mission-based games for family, friends and walk-ins. Whether it’s a battle with Nerf blasters or mission-based tactical laser tag all our activities are fun, competitive and different every session.

We provide all the equipment and supervision needed for great parties or walk-in fun. Book a game for yourself, a session with friends or a host a party. Walk-ins are always welcome for Tacticlal Laser Tag, and we have special open play times for Nerf Battle, but to make sure you and your friends can play together, it’s best to book online.


​Who can play?

Tactical Laser Tag is a high intensity session that is full of immersive game scenarios with realistic taggers with realistic sounds. Mission based games to test your competitive edge as well as your communication skills. Come in with a group of friends and join with other groups for a great experience where each game is different each time you play, and will leave wanted to come back again and again. It is really call of Duty video game come to life!

​Nerf Tag is action-packed fun for solo players (open play times), group battles, birthday parties, employee team building, company events and fundraisers. Nerf battles are perfect for kids and kids at heart from 5 years and up. As long as you can hold, load, and shoot a Nerf blaster, you’re in!

We provide all the equipment and supervision needed for great parties or walk in fun during our Nerf Battle open play times.

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