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How much does it cost and how long is a game?

60-Minute Tactical Laser Tag is $25+tax/per player plus tax and includes 5-6 different missions and equipment.

60-Minute Nerf Battle is $12+tax/per player and includes facilitated play and equipment.

Is there a height or age requirement for laser tag?

We recommend the game for people 8 years or older. Our laser tag was designed for adults, which means the kids really love it! Some younger kids, however, are not ready for the intensity of the game or the dramatic music and lighting.

You know your child best, so it’s up to you. If you are comfortable allowing your child to play by themselves (without you nearby), they’re likely ready. Keep in mind there are no refunds, so please, consider carefully.

What is tactical laser tag? How is it different than plain laser tag?

Laser tag has been around for over 30 years as a staple of family fun. Tactical Action Gaming (TAG) in Fargo, ND, puts a fresh spin on the old favorite. Gone are the days of you wandering through backlight mazes, shooting at anything that flashes. At TAG, players use cool-looking battle rifles with holographic sights and recoil instead of flashy space phasors. We’ve replaced the heavy, sweaty vests with lightweight wireless headbands.

​The arena resembles an urban, war-torn military complex. The atmosphere is enhanced with immersive music and DMX lighting. From the moment you walk in, you’ll know this isn’t old-fashioned laser tag.

Game play has been updated too. Conquest, King of the Hill, and Search and Destroy are just a few of the tactical missions you will encounter. These missions are just like the ones found in modern video games, but at TAG it is as real as it gets.

How big is the arena?

The total arena is 5000 square feet.

Is it safe? Does it hurt?

Our tactical laser tag lasers are made of infrared light. They are pretty much a focused TV remote. Totally safe and pain free.

During Nerf tag, you will be pummeled with foam darts. Occasionally, the darts will sting if you are hit at blank range, but otherwise are harmless. To protect eyes, we provide safety goggles for each player.

Do I need to make a reservation?

No, but we recommend booking online and reserving your spot to guarantee a game of tactical laser tag or a Nerf battle.

Will I be playing with other people? Can my group play by ourselves?

We strongly recommended that you book online to make sure you and your friends are locked and loaded for your tactical laser tag or Nerf battle experience. While you’ll get to play with the friends who booked the same online time as you, other people may be in the arena. (Consider competing against other small groups!) You may book a private party (recommended for 20 or more).

COMING SOON: Groups may book private party options.

Are you hiring?

Yes. For more information, visit tacticalactiongaming.com or call 701-850-2174

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