Each year your child is looking forward to their birthday. You Know that day where friends and family can celebrate another year of the child’s life. A simple Dinner excusion is done every year and it is time to do something special.

As a parent you want to show your children how special they are, and you want to create that special day that all the other kids want to come to. You want your child to be the center of attention and to have all the kids talking about how much fun they had. You want your little one to think you are greatest parent in the world.

We have an amazing BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEA for you.

In order to accomplish the best party any 5 to 13-year-old would love; you need a hook or theme. The theme of the party sets the tone for the whole evening. Obviously choosing themes your child likes is a great starting point. Depending on your child’s age we would suggest a Tactical Laser Tag (TLT)or Nerf Battle Tag Birthday Party. Take your child’s obsession with video games, and create an actual reality event where he/she can be inside their favorite game. And what kid does not have a dozen nerf guns at home and those nerf darts that you find everywhere. Imagine a place where all of the game equipment is provided and all you have to do is show up and play!

Nerf Battle Tag consists of all out nerf war, it’s a foam flinging good time. If that’s not enough we have games like capture the flag, domination, freeze tag that will keep the kid’s attention. The kids will have a great time and the best part is they are getting a good hour of exercise (let’s keep the last part to ourselves).

Tactical Laser Tag (TLT) will grab attention of the guests and of course your child right from the first mission. With various missions the variety of games will be exhilarating super fun. Tactical Laser Tag is really a video game come to life; kids really love the action. TLT is not the type of laser tag where the arena is smoke filled with strobe lights and black lights. Instead TLT arena is built like a movie set with buildings designed like urban combat.

Like the Nerf Battle Tag, Tactical Laser Tag has everything taken care of for you. Bring your kids let them loose for an hour and you can sit back and talk with family or you can join the fun, Face it there is only so many opportunities for you to shoot your kids and show them that you still got Game!

​Tactical Action Gaming is located in West Fargo North Dakota, at 1702 4th Ave NW # G. To let you know you are getting close, we are located 4 blocks North of the red River Valley Fair grounds and Bonanzaville. We have 5000 Sq. Ft in the Laser Tag arena and over 2000 sq. ft in the Nerf Arena plus plenty of seating and party table space for your group. If you have any questions please call 701-850-2174 or visit https://www.tacticalactiongaming.com/ for more information or to book your next party.